Wednesday, December 10, 2014

          In the article, "The Robot Car of Tomorrow May Just Be Programmed to Hit You" by Patrick Lin, a scenario is talked about. The scenario talked about if there would be a time where a self-driving car has to crash into an SUV or mini cooper, which should it be programmed to crash into. Although the SUV may be more heavier than a mini cooper, I think it would make more sense for the car to crash into the mini cooper. If the car crashed into the SUV, more lives would be at risk. An SUV can sit up to 7 people, so 7 people can get seriously injured in the crash. A mini cooper can sit up to 4 people, so that means 4 people are at risk. It would be smart and ethical to crash into the car with less people, which is the mini cooper. Also, there is a greater chance a SUV has children inside compared to a mini cooper. That is also why it would be both smart and ethical to crash into the mini cooper.
          The second scenario talked about whether it would be smart for a car to crash into a motorcycle with a rider whom has a helmet, or into a motorcycle with a rider whom does not have a helmet. It would be more ethical for the car to crash into a motorcycle with a rider whom has a helmet because of safety. There is a bigger chance the rider would be less hurt wearing a helmet. In addition, it would cause motorcycle riders to wear helmets more often. It would cause safety for the riders for any situation involving a crash.
          Another thing talked about in the article was whether or not the idea to have the car make decisions through a random-number generator is a good one or not. In my opinion, I think the car should make decisions through a random-number generator. That is because a car accident would result in the car's fault, rather than the person. If a person had to decide, it would result in a consequence for the person. You can not give a consequence to a car. Therefore, it is a good idea.
          Lastly,  Alexander Karasulas had a question If the driver is not making control decisions, should the driver be responsible for any outcomes at all? I believe the driver should not be responsible. That is because the accident was technically the cars the fault. How can you put someone in jail for something you could not control? That is unfair. Therefore, the driver should not be responsible for any outcomes.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Passion Project Progress

My passion progress is actually pretty great. I am happy I found a website that compares education internationally. I found out the average scores in math, reading, and science and was able to compare it to the other scores around the world. I learned about many other places which had a higher score than North America. Also, I learned that Massachusetts and Connecticut scored above average in math, reading, and science.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Passion Project Progress ~

I am doing okay so far with the passion project. I thought it would have been a bit easier than it is now, but I am sure I can still make the project perfect. I am happy I found the website that talked about Northern and it's ranks. My biggest problem is probably adding the "other" in my ~survey and having to explain about it. Though, overall I am doing good.~